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Skype Love — Writing 101

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My two sons. That was the other title I considered for this post.  Cameron and Spenser. Cameron, age 26, a Sergeant in the United States Army, stationed at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska; Spenser, age 21, with Down Syndrome, living with his mother in Vero Beach, Florida, attending the Wabasso School for special needs students.

This is their skyped conversation, from only yesterday.

“Yo, bro, how’s it hanging?”

“I don’t want to talk to you Cameron.”

“Wow, that really hurts. You know you love me more than anyone else.”

“No Cameron, I don’t.”

“Come on, you know it’s true. Who loves you babe? It’s your big brother.”

“No Cameron, you are a bully.”

“What, me a bully? That’s trash talking little man. I ought to fly down there right now and kick your butt.”

“Ha. I know you are tricking Cameron. You won’t want to leave your beautiful wife Alison. Or your daughter Savannah. So you are tricking. Plus, Alison is my girlfriend.”

“Now I will have to pound you, talking about my wife that way. Good thing for you I am way up here.”

“Alison is my girlfriend. She loves me. Not you.”

“What, I thought Selena Gomez was your girlfriend?”

“She is my girlfriend too. She loves me.”

“You are so full of it bro, and you don’t even know. How you like me now? I’m a poet and don’t even not it.”

“No you are not, Cameron, you are a bully.”

“Dude, why do you keep calling me a bully? That hurts.”

“Because you are a bully. When you would come home from school you would sit on me and hold me down and punch me in the back. And you would push me into the wall. That makes you a bully. I told you so. Ha.”\

“First of all, you would always start it. And maybe if I didn’t have to give up my whole high school time by coming home to babysit you every day after school when my friends were out skimming or hanging at the beach we wouldn’t have gotten in to it. Plus, you are such a loser.”

“I am not a loser. And I don’t need  a baby-sitter. I am 21.”

“Babysitter, babysitter, Spenser needs a babysitter.”

“Stop it! Don’t say that Cameron. You are the loser. You need a babysitter, not me.”

“Oh I need a babysitter? Dude, while you have been lying on the floor in front of the TV watching your movies and your kiddie shows on Disney I have been serving my country. I have been in a war, Spenser. What have you been in, the Special Olympics?”

“That’s right. And I won three times.”

“No, Spenser, they just gave you ribbons to make you feel good. Because you are such a loser.”

“That’s not true. I am a winner. You are the loser.”

“Okay, Spenser, whatever. Look, isn’t it nice to be talking to your big brother all the way up here in Alaska? Your big brother who loves you so much. In fact, I have a good idea. Why don’t you come up here when mom comes up next week, then we can hang out like old times.”

“Not gonna happen. I am going to dad’s in Portland, not to Alaska.”

“What about seeing your girlfriend Alison?”

“Not gonna happen. But she is my girlfriend. Dad told me there are lots of babes in Portland I will be able to hang out with. So who’s the loser now loser?”

“Dad was tricking you. He called me last night and told me he is going to put you to work in the yard and around the house, and you will not be around any girls at all. Hahahahahahaha.”

“That is a lie Cameron. I will have fun and you won’t.”

“Okay Spenser, I was just tricking you.”

“I knew it!”

“Well, I guess I gotta go and have some serious loving with my wife. Is everything going okay for you at school?”

“Yes it is.”

“That’s good. Well, all right Spenser, have fun at dad’s and with all the Portland girls. I’ll talk to you again soon. Love you bro.”

“Okay, love you bro.”


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This is my Blog, my opportunity to say what I think and write what I feel. The content has morphed in the two years of existence -- I began with personal tales of sillyness and drunkeness and soberness and times, places, and events within. Then I wrote a whole a lot of opinions about the world and its often sad shape, and how I thought we could make it better (re: engaging stories of hope). More recently I've taken to writing about this and that, including links to movies, Ted Talks, rock and roll, other writers' web pages, and more. These past seven years I have taken up the life of a painter, and my work can be seen on my web page ( www.buddycushmanfineart.com ) and my Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/musicflower67). But I've been writing since I was just a young thing living on the Massachusetts coast, and storytelling is my home. I have a number of fiction works in varying degrees of completion, and have published two books of fiction in the last year, under the name W.B. Cushman. But it's here I get to share my whatevers of sorrow and hope, and hopefully, wonder and magic. Thanks for stopping in.

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